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G-Salt: So Simple but so Multifunctional

G-Salt: So Simple but so Multifunctional

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G-Salt is healthy and safe after maturing over the past 220 million years in an environment of zero exposure to pollutants or chemical impurities. Unlike table salt, which is mostly just sodium chloride (NaCl), Himalayan salt usually contains some amounts of minerals like potassium, iron, and zinc.
G-Salt mission is to replace over processed table salt with a cleanerhealthier alternative with no additives. Salt is the most essential ingredient in your kitchen, never settle for ordinary table salt again.

G-Salt has invented the world’s first Nano-Tech and UV Purified Water cleaning technology to cleanse rock salt. Using our Nanotech cleaning technology, we thoroughly cleanse the salt of the foreign material leaving only pure and natural salt

Himalayan salt is very famous for its healthy benefits, however, not every type is desirable for human consumption. The reason is that not all salts are of the same quality. G-Salt is made from Himalayan salt of an extra-excellent quality. There is also a grading standard, according to which, the kind of Himalayan salt from which G-Salt is made of, deserves the  AAA standard, which is the highest possible grade. The grading scale takes into account the surface cleanness of the Himalayan salt, as well as the color, NaCI content, and undissolved substances.

If you are a fan of experiments and want to try to make something unique and delicious, then G-Salt is just for you. Steaks and healthy veggies have never been this juicy and tasty before. And that’s not enough, with G-Salt your dream to cook like a restaurant chef will come true.

G-Salt is a perfect cooking surface, as the crystal structure makes it possible to spread the heat equally to every corner of the block, making your cooking experience more enjoyable. Additionally, it holds a high temperature for a very long time. G-Salt promises to make the best steaks ever tasted in your life.

What’s great about G-Salt is its versatility. G-Salt is not just a cooking base, but also a serving platter and a cooking desk. You can easily slice your meat without any worries to scratch the surface. Isn’t it amazing to slice and serve your steaks on the same platter?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of course great, but sometimes it requires cutting down your salt intake. But only a few people know that natural salts like Himalayan have many benefits and its usage can boost your health. Try cooking veggies on G-Salt and make your meal even healthier.

Have you tried to cook fish with veggies on G-Salt? If no, then hurry up. Wanna know a secret? Fish cooked on G-Salt has the same taste as in the best restaurant. Wonder if it is possible? Just try.

No time to make breakfast on crazy mornings? G-Salt will come to help there too. Just put the G-Salt on the stovetopbreak an eggadd some bacon or sausage. While getting prepared to go out, G-Salt will absorb healthy minerals into your breakfast, so you’ll have a tasty and healthy breakfast at the same time.

Breakfast with G-Salt is so easy and cool. It is an aesthetic pleasure to follow up on the process of cooking on G-Salt.

Another great way to use G-Salt is to put it in the oven. G-Salt has a high efficiency while cooking at high temperatures, meaning it would be just perfect for baking fishmeatseafood, fruit, and vegetables. For experiment lovers, G-Salt is also perfect for making cookies,  pizzas, and other baked goods.

Is it possible to make healthy veggies even healthier? With G-Salt everything is possible.          G-Salt contains minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, chromium, and sulfate, meaning that while using G-salt for serving healthy veggies, the important components of  Himalayan Salt will be absorbed into veggies.

G-Salt will help you use less cooking tools and have less plates to wash later. It is so multifunctional, it will serve as a slice board, before being sent into the oven or put on the stovetop. Slice and prepare your food on G-Salt, and then use G-Salt as a baking tray, and eventually serve your food on it.

Putting all the advantages of G-Salt aside, look how beautiful the food looks on it. G-Salt can make any buffet look luxurious.

G-Salt is not just a tool for cooking, but it is also a decor for your meal. G-Salt makes your meal healthier, more beautiful, and more delicious. G-Salt is what every chef needs in life.

G-Salt is a great compliment for any partyServing food on G-Salt will definitely make your food both more delicious and cool. It is also a very comfortable addition to pool parties. Parties are cooler with G-salt around. 

Taking G-Salt into a new level, G-Salt is a perfect tool to serve an ice-cream on it. Freezing the salt, and making an ice-cream on it will definitely give a new and unique taste to it. None of your guests will ever try as yummy ice-cream as the one served on G-Salt

Ice-cream looks a hundred times tastier and more creative on G-Salt. The color combination, the simplicity, and the shape of G-Salt are meant to make everything easy-servingeasy-making, and aesthetic.

Dealing with G-Salt is so easy. Due to its antimicrobial surface, there is no need to use any chemicals to wash the dirt from G-Salt. After letting G-Salt to cool, scrub it with a damp sponge.

Water is all you need when it comes to washing G-Salt. It does not damage the salt block and allows it to be reused. Scrub with a damp sponge without adding soap, and put it under water. That’s how easy it is.

After washing G-Salt with water, dry it with a piece of clothing and that’s it. G-Salt does not need any additional care.

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